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Putting the wisdom of trail-blazing researchers, leading-edge technology, and radical ideas to work.

A yet unknown future, consumption trends, the feelings of consumers. If only we could accurately envision these uncertainties that we have sought to understand. Quantifying transitions in consumer sensibilities and attitudes is inherently difficult, and something for which past empirical evidence has been relied upon to date. However, the accurate quantification of such sentiments, and feeding results back to R&D and marketing activities, will play a key role in corporate activities going forward. Dentsu ScienceJam was founded in 2013 with this kind of corporate need in mind.

Based on biological signal analysis, including that of brain waves, we at Dentsu ScienceJam are aiding in the exploration of increasingly complex consumer trends and behavior. We have formed alliances with researchers who are active in a wide range of fields both in and outside of Japan, and are promoting joint research and development with corporations. With Dentsu’s renowned ability to accurately define requirements and its on-target project management skills, we are contributing to the cultivation of “Results-Driven R&D,” “Evidence Development,” and “Product Creativity.”


  • Apr.18,2019 Event
    See our new technology at Japan IT Week 2019.
    (8th–10th May, TOKYO BIG SIGHT / Hall: South / Stand number: South 20-56)
    We will present the recently launched new emotion metrics named “Valence” and “Arousal”, and will showcase “emo-light” which changes colors of light based on your emotion with our emotion analysis technology.
    Come and say hello to our team - don’t miss experiencing our products at our stand!
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Neuro Marketing

In line with client requests, we use a wide range of sensors such as NIRS, f-MRI, and EEG to develop a firm understanding of consumer trends. In particular, we possess a wealth of knowledge in neuro research that uses electroencephalogram (EEG) sensors to monitor brain waves.

Provision of real-time sensitivity detection tools

We provide corporate R&D departments and marketing departments with “Emotion Analyzer” simple evaluation kits that can analyze sensitivity from brain waves. Sensitivities such as the degree of interest, stress, concentration, and fondness can be estimated. Such information can be applied to a wide range of areas including product development, benefit creation, evidence construction, and promotional measures.
For details, please follow the link to the Emotion Analyzer site.

Sensitivity evaluation index

A broad range of feelings can be evaluated including: stress, degree of interest, comfort level, degree of concentration, degree of drowsiness, degree of calmness, degree of fondness, degree of refreshment, degree of physical fatigue, degree of mental fatigue, and degree of dislike. Additionally, the index can also be used as an instrument to make determinations about feelings such as positive/negative reactions and increases/decreases in motivation before and after a task has been completed. Furthermore, company-specific evaluation indicators can be developed in a collaborative research format upon request.

We also provide evaluation improvement services that combine EEG and eyesight tracking devices. Please inquire for details.

  • UI/UX evaluation, usability improvement services
  • CM evaluation, creativity improvement services
  • Tourism resource discovery services for local governments
  • Secret shopper survey services, other
Sensitivity analyzers are currently being used in 17 areas around the world (as of July 2017)
  • Dubai
  • Bulgaria
  • Austria
  • Poland
  • Australia
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • Vietnam
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • Thailand
  • China (Beijing)
  • China (Shanghai)
  • China (Hong Kong)

Joint Research/
Research Management

Based on requests from corporate R&D centers and departments, we have been involved in the furtherance of collaborative research for terms as short as six months up to spans covering multiple years. From defining requirements, drafting hypothesis, designing experiments, conducting field work, analytical study and reporting, through to progress management for entire projects, our research director and team of researchers provide world-class support. As necessary we apply for reviews by ethics committees, publish articles on various topics, and give presentations at academic conferences to guarantee the credibility of our research,.

Practical examples:

  • Planning and development of sensitivity recommendation system
  • Development of original indicators judging changes in sound quality
  • Research on how virtual reality (VR) sickness affects brain waves
  • Research on the effects of high resolution on the brain
  • Research on predicting how pachinko machines will operate
  • Research related to ride comfort quality of cars
  • Research related to judging comfort/discomfort of sleep
  • Research related to vehicle control.
  • Taste-related research
  • Store marketing research

Product Prototyping

Primarily for corporate campaigns and events, we are using cutting-edge technology to plan and trial manufacture product prototypes. Based on the idea that it is sometimes difficult for corporations to come up innovative ideas in house, working in collaboration with Dentsu’s creative technologists and communications planners, we propose next-generation products that are highly topical, seeing them through to implementation as required.
(Areas of development: Neuro/AI/VR/MR/Haptic/IOT/Conductive fiber)


Dentsu ScienceJam Inc.

Head Office
#102 TRES Akasaka, 4-2-28 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 〒107-0052
Paid-in Capital
180 million yen
August 1, 2013

Line of Business

Business development of research results obtained in the field of science

Executive Officers

Toshitaka Kamiya
Kaoru Hayashi (Representative Director, President, and Group CEO, Digital Garage)
Masahito Okuma (Director, Digital Garage)
Yasue Mitsukura (Professor, Department of Science and Engineering, Keio University)
Jiro Kanehara
Yoko Kohata
Changbin Li



  • Take the Akasaka Mitsuke Station exit A and go straight.
  • You will find Doutor coffee shop, then turn left in front of it and go up the slope called Ushinaki-zaka.
  • Take a left at first crossroads marked by an object of a camel.
  • Go straight and turn left at the first crossroads with a coffee shop.
  • Take a left again at the first crossroads and go along the road to the end. The entrance of our company is on your right.


Whether your company requires a new method of product developments using brainwave, an emotional evidence for new products or PR using brainwave technologies, or you want to apply for a position in our company, please contact us here.